Special canine friends everywhere are putting on the latest in early spring and summer season paw-wear. Doggy owners not only want to give their dog’s paws the protection that dog sandals and other puppy shoes and boots offer, they also like to see their dogs be the trendsetter on the beachfront, in the park, or on the road in their stylish little doggy sandals.

Sandals for your dog can offer proper protection from grass and all kinds of pollens. Unprotected feet transport that pollen into the house and cause our own allergic reactions to act up. However it is well known that pets can go through allergy symptoms of their very own. When your little guy wears his sandals in the yard, take them off before he comes in to play and leave them and the pollen outside where it belongs.

Dog sandals also come in invaluable when it’s walk time. They will safeguard the pads of dogs large and small from asphalt and pavement in those warm summer season months. They are able to also help to keep your carpeting and floors clean when your pet comes in from a stormy day walk or a romp in the messy yard.

But these sensible sandals are also light and portable, airy, and comfortable. They are so easy to put on and strap comfortably onto Fido’s foot with adaptable Velcro ankle straps. There are typically faux leather dog sandals, denim dog sandals or breathable mesh dog sandals and commonly come with nice doggie designs like pawprints, skulls or cute little flowers. The bottoms are nice and comfortable to make strolling easy and have lots of grip so your doggie won’t slide on slippery surfaces. Reflective strips make it really easy for those four furry paws to be seen when walks at nighttime.

It’s beneficial to know that some thing that makes your pet look chic and smart is also useful and durable. So while they help make for cute photograph opportunities for your family pet, you can be sure that you are doing some thing for his health and safety as well.