Meet Coop Dog. Cooper is a 2 1/2 year old, 9 1/2 pound Morkie (maltese and yorkshire terrier mix) who loves to smile! cooper in carThey call this breed a “designer breed”, which would lead us to believe that he’s all about fashion. Well, Cooper is more of the rough and tumble type, although he does love to get dressed up! At least, we think he does.  He loves playing ball, going for walks and barking at just about anything!

We are so proud of our little munchkin for winning PeoplePets cutest dog of the day a few months ago!   He was in the car headed to the park and smiling because he was so excited. Actually, he’s always smiling.

You will see Cooper from time to time showing off our latest paw-wear fashions in pictures and in video.  Oh, and if you happen to contact us via telephone, he may answer the phone.  But don’t worry, he’s very knowledgeable on all of our footwear products.  All pooch paw-wear has been tried and tested by our resident shoe guru.