In case you are a pet owner in a house with hardwood or tile floors, you understand that this can at times be a poor combination. It could be difficult in your dog along with your floors. Some of these playful moments can flip into a canine editionl of NASCAR. Lack of traction tends to make it challenging to corner or can cause a spin out plus a harrowing crash into the coffee table. The outcome could be an embarrassed puppy, damaged knick-knacks, and scratched floors.

These varieties of slippery surfaces may also allow it to be hard for dogs young and old alike to stand up from a reclining position. Some dogs even have difficulty sitting up in that perfect “good dog” placement without having their paws sliding out from beneath them.

Traction may be a challenging problem particularly for older dogs that may possibly be getting a bit arthritic and also have trouble standing up on any surface area. Numerous canines as they age also have difficulties with their hips and lose management of their hind legs, making traction on any surface challenging. Going up and down non-carpeted stairs can be a real concern.

Non Slip Dog Booties

Meshies by Barko Booties

There is a fun, modern, and practical answer to this dilemma and that is doggy booties, sandals, or slippers. When your dog’s paws are ensconced inside a comfy set of canine boots there is no more slipping and sliding and no more tell-tale scratches from his claws on these costly floors.

You could generally think of dog boots for outside adventures like hiking, walking, and swimming and even just keeping mud and water from those paws. But they’re very sensible if your canine has a traction difficulty indoors. Most types of canine booties have treaded rubber or leather soles, so it really is not essential to buy an high-priced pair of orthopedic boots for the canine that might have trouble navigating your floors. A set of Meshies by Barko Booties can do the task. All that is required is actually a non-slip bottom. In the situation of older dogs that are losing the mobility in their hind legs, putting boots only on these back paws can do the trick. When traction is restored, so is their mobility.

So no matter whether the problem is that your canine is scratching up your floors with his claws and slipping and sliding around the flooring or an aging dog that requires a lot more traction to maintain mobility, puppy boots might be the very best answer.

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