Ah, spring! It’s time for my human to put away my winter dog boots. They are perfect for keeping the annoying little snowballs from building up between my toes and stopping the ice from scratching my pads. But now it’s time for the lighter weight dog boots and shoes to come out.

It’s a dog’s life, and that means walks, hiking, rolling in the grass, and oh so many fun things. This dog loves his walks even more when the flowers are blooming, the trees are budding, and the grass is getting green. But just like my human, I am sometimes bothered by allergies, so it helps when I wear my cute little spring dog booties or my hip high top dog sneakers when I go on long walks through the grass and chase bugs through the fields. Why does this help? My shoes and boots keep pollen off my feet, and everyone knows that we dogs love to lick their feet! I sure do.

Yazmin is wearing doggy sandals

Yazmin is wearing doggy sandals

Oh boy, I genuinely love the spring, but it comes with other pesky things that those of us of the canine persuasion need to watch out for. For instance, those darned old grass burrs and other sticky things that this season brings. Ouch! They are even worse than ice and snowballs in my feet, especially when they get between my pads and toes. Luckily, my human bought a pair of dog shoes I can wear so I can romp to my heart’s content without a care in the world! “Hah-hah,” I say to those nasty old burrs as I run recklessly over the top of them.

Spring also means rain. Now don’t get me wrong. I love the rain – running and splashing and plopping in the mud. But my human isn’t so crazy about it. For some reason, she doesn’t like muddy paw prints in our house. So I always wear my waterproof dog boots when we go out in the rain or right after a good storm. We get home from our walk and my boots along with the mud that is on them stay on the front porch.

It IS a dog’s life. My doggy life is even better when my feet feel good and my human is happy. Plus, I don’t mind a bit looking sporty and fashionable in all of my different paw wear!