I must admit that I was so elated to receive this letter from an extremely satisfied customer.  Who knew that selling dog boots would be so rewarding?  Here’s the letter from Bonnie and her mom:

Dear Alldogboots.com,

I must say that your website and customer service are at the top echelon of all pet related websites!   I’ve only had my dog for one year,  but have ordered many times from ALLDOGBOOTS.COM and my little Westie, Bonnie,  has the most fashionable foot wardrobe in the neighborhood!

I get stopped almost daily, when walking Bonnie, by passersby commenting on the adorable footwear she has on.  She has dog rain boots, winter doggy boots and summer light weight booties, and one is cuter than the next.

Adorable Westie, Bonnie

It’s necessary for Bonnie to wear shoes because she kept getting sores on her paws from the chemicals people had sprayed on their lawns, and the doctor suggested we cover her feet, and your site is our savior!

When the boots I select don’t fit,  shoe sizing  with dogs can be most challenging I’ve discovered, you have been incredibly helpful over the phone, helping me navigate the best options for Bonnie.  And you have graciously allowed me to return any pair that was the wrong size, no questions asked.

You have a customer for life in me, as you really make it a pleasure to do business with your company.  And your selection of footwear is  definitely unmatched, no one has the fabulous selection that you have on your site!

So I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being so terrific every time I contact you!

Warm regards,