Labor Day is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year.  It signifies that summer will officially end soon as it gives way to the cooler temperatures of autumn.  Ok, let’s face it.  It’s time to mourn summer!  This holiday is well known for family BBQs and other outdoor activities because everyone wants to enjoy one last big get-to-together before the weather starts to change. While this is an exciting time of year, don’t forget about keeping your pet safe during all of the festivities.

Here are 5 dog safety tips for Labor Day to help keep your pet safe and secure this holiday:

1. Keep your dog away from the BBQ grill. Even well trained dogs get curious sometimes especially when they smell steaks and burgers cooking on the grill. The smell can be so alluring that your pet might decide to try a bite, which could result in serious injuries. It can be difficult keeping an eye on your dog while cooking and entertaining guest. Secured him in a different part of the yard or assign someone the job of looking after him while the grill is hot, in case the delicious smell coming from that hot grill tempts him into trying to sneak a taste.

2. If your dog is shy around a lot of people or just not very sociable, find her a nice quiet place to stay while you entertain. Keeping your pet around the guests can stress her out if people are trying to pet and play with her when she would prefer to be left alone. If your dog gets too stressed from all the commotion, she may even snap at or bite someone. For this reason, it’s best to have a special place where she can stay until the BBQ is over if she’s not very fond of others.

3. Don’t allow your guests to feed your dog or give him anything to drink. You can politely inform everyone that you like to monitor what he eats for his own safety or let everyone know that you do not feed your dog table scrapes to prevent someone from giving him something that could make him sick. Some people may not know that bones can lodge in a dog’s throat causing him to choke or that certain types of foods and beverages can make a dog very sick. You’ll also need to keep the garbage in a place your pet can’t reach or he might be tempted to dig in to see what smells so good.

4. If you or your guests use insect-repellant, keep these away from your dog. Bug spray and oils contain substances that can make her very sick if she ingests it. The bug coils and citronella candles can also be dangerous to your pet so just make sure all types of repellants are out of your dogs reach.

5. It’s easy to get so caught up in things when you’re preparing for a big BBQ that you forget to check your dog’s bowls to make sure his needs are being met, too. Don’t make your dog wait while everyone is eating and drinking around him. Give him plenty of food so he will not beg for scraps and lots of fresh cool water to drink.

These simple dog safety tips for Labor Day BBQs will help keep your family pet safe while you enjoy the celebrations.