The winter season has officially ended, and everyone is excited about the onset of spring. Who wouldn’t enjoy walking through the park without freezing your butt off? If you, as a human, are excited to be given the freedom to walk around, imagine what your pet dogs must feel like? Dogs are naturally inclined to run around in open space, and now that spring is finally here, they can have more freedom to do that.

Dog enjoying Spring flowersOf course, you have to know that the phase when winter melts into spring can be quite a hassle for you and your dog. After all, this is the time when the ice melts, the ground is slushy with all the melting ice, and it could get really muddy and dirty. If you are thinking of going out for a walk with your dog, you should prepare him by getting him some dog booties. Yes, dog booties are not just for maximum cuteness. Dog boots also protect your dog’s paws.

As spring arrives, you can expect various plants cropping up at the parks. If you want your dog running around freely without hurting himself by stepping on these new, sometimes thorny, plants, then get him a good set of dog booties. Choose the sturdy kind so he can run around without injuring his paws. It is also a good idea to choose waterproof dog boots. The ice is still thawing or melting, and your dog could walk into a puddle of melted ice. The waterproof dog boots will protect his paws from getting dirty, and they also prevent him from slipping and sliding on the wet ground.

Of course, if you still want to dress your doggie up a bit to increase its adorability factor, you can do so! There are dog booties out there that are both functional and cute. To celebrate the arrival of spring, choose colorful dog boots for your beloved pet. You should also get the lightweight booties, so your dog won’t feel hot, once the temperature begins to rise. Look for dog booties with nylon material and mesh. They let its paws breathe while protecting them.

If your dog is the running type, get him non-slip dog boots. He can run around to his heart’s content without slipping and injuring himself. These non-slip dog booties usually come with Velcro straps so you can put them on and remove them easily. They also have foam padding for your dog’s comfort.

pink sandalsIf you have a girl dog, you can get her some sandals. The style is oh-so-spring, yet they also provide protection for your lovely baby girl. They come in various colors and materials, so it is up to you to pick the dog sandals that fit your dog’s style and comfort.

The beginning of spring truly brings much excitement for you and your dog. Make the most out of this wonderful season, and have your pet dog explore the outdoors as much as he can. As long as he is wearing his dog boots, you won’t have to worry about his paws getting injured. Now, it’s time to welcome spring with a dog walk through the park! 

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