Boxer dog guardians will tell you that to know a boxer is to love one. In fact, owners are known to tell people that it is almost impossible to have just one. Perpetual puppies, the boxer is a breed that does not mentally mature until it is well over three years old. If you are looking for a puppy in a dog’s body, a jogging partner, and a companion who will make you laugh with its endless antics, this is the breed for you.

Along with their athletic prowess, boxers have a gentle, loving personality that makes them a hit among their loyal followers. When socialized well as puppies, boxers love to be around other pets in the house. The breed has a natural tendency to gravitate towards children, both loving and protecting them. All of these things combined make the boxer the perfect dog for families.

When carefully bred, the boxer is a relatively healthy breed. If you are looking for a puppy, be sure that you select one from a breeder who has taken the time to certify their stock clear of heart, eye, and hip defects. Some breeders even go so far as to be sure their breeding dogs have healthy thyroid glands. A reputable breeder will be happy to show any potential owner the health clearances of the sire and dam.

It should be said that the boxer breed is not the perfect match for everyone. Boxers have a high prey drive and love to chase. Care must be taken to properly introduce them to smaller pets iBoxer dogn the house and to teach them manners. This breed is one that needs plenty of exercise. Without daily exercise, a boxer can become bored. Ask any owner and they will tell you: A bored boxer will find ways to entertain itself. This can mean the destruction of your furniture and holes dug in your yard.

Boxers are quick to eat and fast to pack on the pounds. The dog is best kept at a healthy weight by paying careful attention to what it is fed. Baby carrots and other low-cal foods are a better option than store-bought cookies for this breed. Easy to keep in the house, these dogs require little in the way of grooming. A bath when they are dirty and a swift brushing with a curry comb is all that is needed.

Anyone who welcomes a boxer into their home should understand the needs of a “smoosh-nosed” breed. Boxers are brachycephalic, which means that the shape and size of their skull is shorter than that of a typical dog. This can lead to problems breathing after over-exertion or in very hot weather. Summer means planning your dog’s walks according to the temperature.

Unfortunately, not everyone who brings a boxer puppy into their home is prepared for the energetic dog it grows up to be. As a working breed, the boxer is at its best when both its body and mind are occupied. Letting a boxer become bored or leaving it to its own devices is a mistake that few guardians make twice.

If you are considering a boxer, take a good look at your lifestyle. If you love the outdoors, find time every day to exercise, and have a lighthearted take on life, the boxer is the perfect breed for you. Be sure to check out rescue organizations for your new best friend. Because these dogs maintain a puppy-like attitude well into adulthood, the only thing you miss out on by bringing home an adult is potty training. There are few things more rewarding in life than giving a boxer a second chance at a fantastic life.