About Alldogboots

I was born and raised on Long Island, NY and currently reside in Palm Beach County, Florida. I am the proud mother of Cooper, a silly morkie and Max, an adorable teapot Yorkie and owner of unique, online pet boutique Alldogboots.com. I'm an animal lover, activist, and entrepreneur who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down.


Samson’s sporting some new red kicks!


Molly is almost 14 and has arthritis in her back knees and hips. She has much more confidence now on our wood floors and is able to get up much more easily.

Snow Boots

Great for winter!! Makes clean up easy after being outside in snow and melting snow. Instructions for training were very helpful. Customer service was great!!

Gabby girl

Gabby was 6 when we rescued her. She was returned 5 times due to aggression with men but a man abused her and she was dumped in the desert of NV at 6 months old. She was in the women's prison program "Pups on Parole." I was an Officer at the prison and the rescue

My Pitbull Dressed for Winter!

It is absolutely freezing in Iowa City with windchill below -20. Twirl is still excited to go outside!

Do Dogs Really Need Winter Boots?

Do Dogs Really Need to Wear Winter Boots? Despite dogs being animals, many dog owners consider and treat them as members of the family. We may offer special diets for our pets, take them on outings to the park and even take them on family vacations. So when we dress ourselves warmly for winter shouldn't

Popcorn posh new boots

My dog has Neospora so she has disabled hind legs. She is much better with her boots on as she knuckles and ends up with sore feet without them.

High in the Colorado Rockies

Little Lucy rescued us at the end of August. She appears to be adjusting well to life in the high mountains of Colorado! She and I are getting accustomed to putting on her Zipper Snow Boots. Thanks for the "how to" instructions! Besides the fact that the boots keep her delicate feet from freezing I

Namida with Her Boots

It was fairly easy to get the boots on her feet. I am extremely happy with the fit and quality of them. I know she doesn't like them but, I'm very glad they will protect her from the cold and salt and keep her feet warm this winter and those winters to come.

New boots have questionable reliability

I have 5 dogs that I walk year round in all seasons one of which can't walk much due to a neurological issue so I pull her in a wagon. I need boots that protect and will stay on.