About Alldogboots

I was born and raised on Long Island, NY and currently reside in Palm Beach County, Florida. I am the proud mother of Cooper, a silly morkie and Max, an adorable teapot Yorkie and owner of unique, online pet boutique Alldogboots.com. I'm an animal lover, activist, and entrepreneur who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down.

First Time in the Snow!

We decided to bring our Texas dog on vacation with us to visit family in Rhode Island and knew he wouldn't be ready for the snow. He loved wearing his boots, and they kept him nice and comfortable while he explored the snowy/icy terrain!


Saroo is an 8 month old Lab with Hydrocephalus, fluid on the brain. He is a typical puppy, loves toys and acts like a normal puppy. His back legs are weak and he bumps into things as his brain doesn’t focus on what he sees. He was slipping on floors and doing belly flops. The


These booties are soft boots. They are easy to put on since they open wide, and stay on feet well the straps. They seem to be confortable.

Lucy’s New Boots

This is our first walk with Lucy's new boots. She really doesn't mind wearing them once she gets outside. They work great on the salty, greasy roads. I'm not sure they would last on her feet if I had them on out in the woods. She might need the tall ones. We get a good

Not happy about this

Jakes new shoes

My boxer Jake loves to hike in our woods. Especially in the snow. He is a maniac running all over so I want to protect his paws!

MsLucyElizabeth wearing her new blue boots

Ms. Lucy Elizabeth is wearing her new blue suede shoes!


Here's Elmo in his new boots!

Border Collie Chipper, 12years old.

Chipper needed to have some non skid boots to help negotiate slippery surfaces. He has developed this recent difficulty because of his age and arthritis in his spine.

Oreo and her boots

Oreo is 15 years-old and has arthritis in her hips. This made walking on our wood-look floor difficult. Her back legs would slide around like she was walking on ice. I put these boots on her and she had NO problem adjusting to the boots or walking on the floor! I wish I would have