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  • service dog booties

    Service dog, Legacy visits schools that require him to wear dog booties

  • shih tzu rain boots

    Lola the Shih Tzu wearspink rain boots to match her pink jacket!

  • orthopedic dog boots

    14 year old lab wears orthopedic boots on his hind legs to keep him mobile.

  • yorkie sneakers

    Hyunee, Yorkshire Terrier is incredibly cute in his new blue dog sneakers.

  • rhodesian ridgeback booties

    Giant Rhodesian Ridgeback, Henry is scared of slipping on wood floors. He feels much more confident in his Ultra Paws.

  • german shepherd boots

    Non slip booties give Guinness, the German Shepherd much needed traction.

  • boots for wood floors

    Charlie the Airedale walks with great traction on the wood floors because of his non slip booties

  • dog booties for mud

    Mom doesn't need to mop the house anymore because her golden retriever is wearing dog boots for mud

  • labradoodle tall dog boots

    Deep snow is no match for this labradoodle! Check out his Hi-Toppers

  • yorkie wearing dog booties

    Peppermint's booties match her bow and are so easy to walk in!

  • dachshund in dog sneakers

    Oscar is trying on his new chucks! How cute he is in his sneakers.

  • beagle in dog bunny slippers

    Reesie the Beagle is as cute as can be in her duckie slippers.

  • orthopedic boots for lab

    Hunter the lab is can now stand while she eats because she's wearing orthopedic boots!

  • golden retriever dog boots

    Golden Retriever, Harmless is keeping warm and cozy in the cold Canadian winter. He's wearing extra tall dog boots!

  • boxer wearing Ultra Paws

    Go Toby go! You are flying in your Ultra Paws!

  • bernese mountain dog boots

    Mom says Eyko is so happy when he's wearing his shoes. Giant is his Yorkie housemate. Eyko is a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog and he is wearing Pawtrexx Boots

  • kerry blue terrier in boots

    Kerry Blue Terrier Ch. Lemerick's Law and Order (Elliot) is wearing winter booties to take on the snow!

  • dog wearing socks

    Bacci the Boxer is able to gain more traction because he's wearing non slip dog socks

  • boxer boots

    Boxer, Shelby Lynn looks a little skeptical but rest assured her paws won't hurt anymore because of hertall dog boots

  • Newfoundland Boots

    Lilly the Newfoundland has giant paws but they are no match for Hi-Toppers!

  • German Shepherd Boots

    German Shepherd Moses is the perfect model for our Hi-Toppers winter boots.

  • arthritis booties

    Mocha needs traction boots to help him navigate the house and the Ultra Paws are giving her a new life!

  • great dane boots

    Great Dane Marlo is decked out for winter in her Hi-Toppers and matching hood.

  • Neo Mastiff Dog Booties

    Meshies booties help arthritic Neo Mastiff, Kong get around the slippery floors much better.

  • poodle wearing duckie slippers

    Miniature Poodle is adorable in yellow duckie slippers!

  • yorkie booties

    Daisy is a 14 year old Yorkie who wants to play with her siblings. The Mini Meshies prevent her from sliding around the indoor floors and she can now play safely.

  • dachshund booties

    This is the face of a beautiful Dachshund who no longer has hurt paws. Candy is wearing waterproof dog boots

  • dog wearing tall boots and coat

    Lucky won't get any more annoying snowballs stuck on her paw because she is wearing tall Hi-Toppers

  • goldendoodle booties

    Annadel is such a good girl, waiting for mommy to put on her Hi-Toppers!

  • mastiff with boots

    Addy is a big girl with big paws. The Pawtrexx boots offer her perfect protection for this season's harsh winter.

  • Cold Winter Weather Dog Care

    Josie is taking a break from playing in the snow. Her snow boots are protecting her paws and legs!

  • hanley

    Labrador Retriever, Hanley is able to walk much better in his orthopedic dog boots.

  • yorkie booties

    Adorable Yorkie, The Duchess is trying on her sneakers for the first time

  • code41

    Code Four, famous German Shorthaired Pointer, is trying on his new winter jacket and leg warmers in preparation of winter.

  • Coco The Yorkie 2

    Coco the Yorkie wears her sneakers everywhere. Local tourists stop to take photos of her in her dog sneakers.

  • pool booties

    Chaos cuts his paws jumping in and out of water so he is wearing Ultra Paws to protect his paws while swimming.

  • Golden Retriever Booties

    Golden Retriever, Benson is wearing Ultra Paws for added traction on wood floors.

  • Great Dane

    Great Dane, Tandy loves her Meshies dog bootie!! She has one paw protected because she has lick granuloma.

  • boerboel

    Boerboel, Monty, is named after the South African rugby player. Mom says his paws are "massive flat lion-like paws". He's wearing our largest dog boots!

  • Jack Russell

    Rudey is a 17.5 year old Jack Russell with a previous back Injury and typical arthritis. The Summer Kixx are perfect for his weak hind legs that slip on tile.

  • jet-lee2

    Jet-Lee is wearing his summer dog sneakers to protect his paws from debris at the dog park.

  • zeus

    Precious Pitbull, Zeus is wearing his indoor non slip booties.

  • brandy

    Brandy the poodle is trying on her new pink doggie sneakers in the house!

  • misty

    Misty's feet are protected with Guardian Gear boots while hiking.

  • jake shepherd mix

    No more slipping and sliding for Jake! He's wearing his non slip booties.

  • pitbull sneakers

    Rambo is trying on his hi top sneakers for the first time. He's not too sure what to think of them!

  • Casey orthopedic boots

    Casey's orthopedic dog boots help him navigate with degenerative myelopathy.

  • buldog booties

    Bulldog puppy, Savannah, is wearing a protective wound dog bootie because she had a benign tumor removed last week.

  • riley2

    Service dog, Riley needs her feet protected from hot pavement so she can help protect mom. Riley is wearing Summer Kixx by Barko Booties.

  • Sarah austrailian shep

    Beautiful 3 year old Australian Shepherd, Sarah is laying comfortably in her summer shoes.

  • lizzie in shoes

    Lizzie doesn't slip and slide anymore when she runs around the family pool. Her pool booties help with traction.

  • Tazi in her new boots 009

    Tazi is a CKC champion Domino Afghan Hound. Here she is showing off her Pawtrexx boots she needs for added traction.

  • Reina

    Yorkie, Reina's sneakers are adorable and help keep her clean when she goes on walks.

  • Bella and Tina Boots

    Pitbull Tina & Doberman Bella are enjoying their summer and relaxing in dog sneakers.

  • xena1

    Here is the greatest Dane, Xena. She has trouble walking outdoors on rough terrain so the orthopedic boots offer her more stability.

  • bella

    Bella loves to go swimming at the beach but the zebra mussels tear up her paw pads. Now she can safely swim when she wears her swim booties!

  • blitz

    Pitbull, Blitz has terrible environmental allergies but the allergy booties prevent the allergens from entering through his paws.

  • max

    Max March looking sharp in his new red sandals.

  • bailey

    Girls need lots of different shoes! Bailey has a variety of summer sandals. Here she is in blue denim.

  • Bailey in pink sandals-1

    Here's Bailey relaxing in her pink dog sandals.

  • Bailey pink sandals 2-2

    Golden Retriever, Bailey is just too cute in her dog sandals. Just look at that precious face!

  • bella

    Beautiful chihuahua Bella is wearing her saddle shoe dog socks. She has trouble slipping indoors so she needs the extra traction.

  • rat terrier sandals

    Rat Terrier, Valkyra is letting daddy put her sandals on. Mom calls them "hot pink gladiator sandals". Valkyra's paws will now be protected from the unbearable heat and hot sand.

  • dog pool booties

    Luke has been cutting his paws running around his pool. He now wears his pool booties so he can safely play in and out of water.

  • darby swim shoes

    Darby, the Labradoodle loves to swim! But she doesn't like getting her paws cut up when she runs around the edge of the pool. Her doggy swim shoes prevent her from damaging her paws and she can still swim and run around the pool to her hearts content!

  • gaia

    Gaia, the Dachshund is relaxing on the deck in her sneakers. Dachshunds are a tough breed to fit for shoes but these are perfect for her!

  • Schnauzer in dog boots

    This is Phoebe styling in her new rain boots Mom says the boots are great for their new house that has no grass. They are keeping the mud out!

  • callie

    Callie, the Yorkie is protected from allergies in her pink sneakers.

  • Andy2

    Andy, the Standard Poodle (gorgeous!) is now protected from hot pavement because he's wearing his summer mesh booties!

  • gallery991

    Charlie is cute as can be in his heavy duty winter Pawtrexx boots!

  • gallery961

    Dogs from all around the world wear booties. Meet Bailey from Singapore.

  • gallery971

    Barrett is really, really happy in his new mesh booties.

  • gallery981

    Emma is gorgeous in her pink sweater and matching Barko Booties!

  • gallery931

    Spot doesn't even realize he's wearing his Meshies. Maybe the ice cream is helping him forget.

  • gallery941

    Jasper & Sandro are both wearing little boots!

  • gallery951

    Inu is too cool in his Ultra Paws to look at the camera

  • gallery921

    Trixie is ultra happy in her Ultra Paws

  • gallery91

    Carlita absolutely LOVES her pink hi top sneakers

  • gallery901

    Samson finally has relief from scratching because he wears Meshies by Barko Booties.

  • gallery911

    Black & blue waterproof dog boots are the perfect solution for Shu Shu this winter.

  • gallery871

    Toby's wearing leg warmers! His mom wants to be ready for when the snow comes.

  • gallery881

    Teddy and Daisy are wearing matching Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse doggy socks!

  • gallery891

    Teddy Bear is looking quite handsome in his new faux leather winter boots.

  • gallery861

    Rachel can now spend a full day at doggy daycare because her tender paw pads are protected with Ultra Paws!

  • gallery831

    Comet looks mighty proud of himself in his blue suede shoes

  • gallery841

    Coral is so happy in her new Meshies. Look at her smile!

  • gallery851

    Dude is the coolest dog we know, modeling his Black Funky Star Zoomies.

  • gallery801

    Neopaws dog boots are an excellent choice for Grady as he takes his winter hike.

  • gallery811

    "Where's the snow", says Grady wearing his Neopaws winter shoes

  • gallery821

    Check out Coco in his fashionable blue fur boots

  • gallery81

    Ryley, the chihuahua is ready to lead the team in his hi top sneakers

  • gallery791

    Buddy is ready to go in his high top doggy sneakers

  • gallery761

    Meet adorable Joey, in his Winnie the Pooh dog socks

  • gallery771

    Sweet Sadie in her Mini Meshies

  • gallery781

    Shi Tzuh, Buddy is so comfy in his new red mesh sandals

  • gallery731

    Ahi is still a baby but already knows how to tie her sneakers

  • gallery741

    What could be cuter than Charlie wearing Winnie the Pooh dog socks

  • gallery751

    Here is adorable, 11 year old Yorkie, Juliette wearing her pink and black doggy snow boots

  • gallery711

    Jersey is Mommy's little hero in his Superman dog socks

  • gallery721

    Brielle couldn't be any cuter in her Hello Kitty dog socks

  • gallery681

    Mowgli is modeling his Zoomies by Barko Booties

  • gallery691

    Sunshine's dog boots help her keep her balance a little better in addition to keeping her from scraping her paws and toenails due to nerve/spinal damage

  • gallery71

    Angel is stunning in her pink dress and matching doggy sneakers

  • gallery701

    Chloe is super chic in her gorgeous dress and pink rain boots

  • gallery671

    Ginger is looking very pretty in her new pink doggy sneakers

  • gallery661

    Abby Road's Neopaws help her when she drags her back legs due to arthritis.

  • gallery621

    Molly is resting after a long day. They love her Mini Meshies so much they call them her Jimmy Chew shoes!

  • gallery631

    Beautiful 12 year old Belle is wearing Neopaws indoor boots to get help with traction on hardwood and tiled floors.

  • gallery641

    Comet always needs to keep his paws protected. Here he is in his rain boots.

  • gallery651

    Comet has a few sets of shoes but mom says his hi top sneakers are his favorite!

  • gallery601

    Camus is having no problem keeping up with all the other dogs at the park because he's wearing his Ultra Paws!

  • gallery611

    The Mini Meshies are helping to protect Jada from scratching during the tough allergy season.

  • gallery61

    Hurley loves her new summer mesh dog sneakers

  • gallery571

    How cute is little Frenchie Milo in his new blue doggy sneakers.

  • gallery581

    Jarno is wearing his Meshies during his water therapy.

  • gallery591

    2 girls in boots! Here is Heidi in Neopaws sitting beside her sister.

  • gallery541

    Don't mess with Jupiter when he's wearing his Ultra Paws dog boots.

  • gallery551

    Meshies are really helping Maxine walk better. She can even put off knee surgery for a little while!

  • gallery561

    Bella's Mini Meshies fit perfectly! Now she can run in the grass without itching.

  • gallery501

    Neopaws dog rain boots are keeping Kodi's paws clean and dry.

  • gallery511

    Toby is ready to take on summer in his soft sole Mini Meshies

  • gallery521

    Tiger Lilly is wearing dog sneakers to protect her paws from the hot Arizona pavement.

  • gallery531

    Nikko can now get up off wood floors all by herself with help from her Neopaws indoor dog boots.

  • gallery491

    Kash is no longer hurting his back paws when he drags them because he's wearing orthopedic dog boots

  • gallery51

    Angel could not be cuter in her pink mesh dog sandals

  • gallery481

    Irish looks darling in her new pink dog sneakers

  • gallery471

    Thorns & burrs will no longer be an issue because Betty Boop is wearing her Mini Meshies

  • gallery441

    Guardian Gear dog boots fit Conde perfectly. He loves them!

  • gallery451

    Toby is ready for his walk in his black funky star Zoomies by Barko Booties

  • gallery461

    Rupert has to wear his Meshies by Barko Booties in the house but doesn't seem to mind.

  • gallery411

    Sassy loves hiking in her Ultra Paws dog hiking boots boots.

  • gallery421

    King is relaxing in his summer dog sneakers.

  • gallery431

    Can you say happy Shih Tzu? Laney seems to love her Mini Meshies by Barko Booties.

  • gallery401

    Mom calls Ron's new Pawtrexx boots a "Godsend for a Greyhound".

  • gallery381

    Mickey is wearing hi top dog sneakers because he has yeast infections from grass allergies.

  • gallery391

    Could Elton be cuter in his new summer dog boots?

  • gallery41

    Harley relaxing in yellow duckie dog slippers

  • gallery351

    Fender is gorgeous and looking very comfy in some red mesh booties

  • gallery361

    Look Mom! Clean paws. Hunnybunny keeps dirt off her beautiful paws with pink mesh booties

  • gallery371

    Yup, the Ultra Paws fit perfectly. Daisy is finally able to go out in the snow.

  • gallery341

    Elektra is not even letting a foot of snow stop her in her pink Neopaws booties

  • gallery311

    Zeus looks too cool in his black & blue doggie snow boots

  • gallery321

    Happ is saving lives and his Ultra Paws dog boots are helping him get the job done.

  • gallery331

    McDuff is wearing Pawz Dog Boots and staying protected in snow.

  • gallery291

    Carson looks very comfortably protected in his red Neopaws dog booties

  • gallery31

    Rocky chillin' in hi-top dog sneakers

  • gallery301

    Lovey & Rudy are ready to take on the snow in their Neopaws

  • gallery261

    Ozzie is oozing NYC fashion in his leopard print snow boots.

  • gallery271

    Maggie is trying out her Neopaws boots for the first time.

  • gallery281

    How awesome is Hefty in his black & yellow Guardian Gear dog booties

  • gallery241

    Kaji is so adorable in his snowsuit and Neopaws dog boots.

  • gallery251

    Toby is trying on his Neopaws snow boots.

  • gallery221

    Caesar is ready for Christmas in his sweater and matching fur dog boots.

  • gallery231

    Suka is ready for his first snow in his Neopaws dog shoes.

  • gallery211

    Sookie is able to walk with confidence on slippery wood floors with her Neopaws indoor dog boots.

  • gallery191

    Alaskan Jenna is bundled up and protected in Pawz Dog Booties.

  • gallery21

    Dou Ding wearing mesh dog boots

  • gallery201

    Coco is ready for winter and loving her new winter dog booties.

  • gallery161

    Beautiful Brooklynn in her new blue dog sneakers.

  • gallery171

    Code Four's Halloween costume is topped off with sporty red dog sneakers.

  • gallery181

    Rocky is keeping his pretty white paws dry & clean with his dog rain boots.

  • gallery1551

    This adorable pink dog winter jacket is sure to keep Maltese, Bella nice and warm this winter!

  • gallery1521

    French bulldog, Panchita is getting some walking assistance from her new dog boots and is keeping warm in her dog jacket!

  • gallery1531

    Gracie is ready for snow in her new dog snow boots!

  • gallery1541

    British lab, Rupert is protecting wood floors and also walking more easily because he's wearing non slip dog booties.

  • gallery151

    Napolean finally has relief from allergy issues. No more biting paws while he wears his indoor dog booties.

  • gallery1501

    Fuzzle, from Australia is protected from bindi-eyes with his new breathable dog boots

  • gallery1511

    Tbone, a bugg (pug/boston) is adorable in his dog jordans

  • gallery1461

    Daisy Mae matches her new dog booties perfectly!

  • gallery1471

    Jax can walk on hardwood floors again because of his traction dog booties

  • gallery1481

    Ciele is allergic to grass but is protected with dog sandals and dog socks

  • gallery1491

    Rayah seems at home in his dog booties

  • gallery1431

    Layla is stylin' in her pink dog winter boots

  • gallery1441

    Non slip dog booties help 13 year old Standard Poodle, Rufus with traction.

  • gallery1451

    Dog sneakers help protect Bella's feet from the sizzling desert heat.

  • gallery1401

    Blitz the pitbull is preventing the "itchies" with Meshies

  • gallery1411

    Ginger & Bailey are wearing dog sneakers

  • gallery1421

    Goldilocks is modeling her leopard print dog winter boots

  • gallery1381

    Lucy has a huge smile on because she's wearing her new sneakers

  • gallery1391

    Gorgeous Mastiffs are protecting their back feet with Pawz

  • gallery141

    Moka is ridiculously cute wearing his dog slippers. Are those matching pjs?

  • gallery1371

    Henry is looking gorgeous in his red dog sneakers.

  • gallery1351

    Button is wearing pink argyle dog socks with her pink Disney dress

  • gallery1361

    Coco Fisher is modeling his dog tennis sneakers and doggy snow boots

  • gallery1331

    Boomer is not slipping anymore because of his new booties!

  • gallery1341

    Bunkhy Boo Boo is wearing awesome pink dog sneakers

  • gallery1301

    Cleo is adorable in her Summer Kixx by Barko Booties

  • gallery1311

    Honey is protected from burning hot pavement with Neopaws summer shoes

  • gallery1321

    Barley is flying in his winter dog booties!

  • gallery1291

    Bala is wearing Summer Kixx by Barko Booties

  • gallery131

    Marshall is keepin' warm and lookin' cool pink bunny dog slippers

  • gallery1281

    Pippa is ready to hike the Appalachian Trail in her doggy hiking boots

  • gallery1241

    Diamond isn't burning her paws anymore and is super cute in her doggy sandals.

  • gallery1251

    Jaden is quite the supermodel in his doggy sandals and matching Ralph Lauren shirt.

  • gallery1261

    Mogwai loves his new funky star sneakers Now he can walk on hot pavement.

  • gallery1271

    How cute is Max in his skull and crossbones sandals!

  • gallery1221

    Buddy's sandals help protect from Arizona heat!

  • gallery1231

    No more sore pads for Clancy! Neopaws summer boots protect his paws.

  • gallery121

    Dakota, known as Cody is protected from hot pavement in his blue dog sneakers

  • gallery1201

    Jasmine's Ultra Paws giving her more traction and preventing her from slipping all the time.

  • gallery1211

    Beaver's sandals are too cute for words!

  • gallery1181

    Magnus is wearing Ultra Paws to protect him from the rough lava road in Hawaii.

  • gallery1191

    Neopaws orthopedic boots are giving Xena the extra traction she needs.

  • gallery1171

    Molly is now able to play outside without her paws being torn up thanks to her new booties.

  • gallery1141

    Bella, a 165 pound Mastiff wearing her Meshies for the first time

  • gallery1151

    Greyhounds Jack & Ginger are wearing dog booties to keep warm.

  • gallery1161

    Pretty lab Jade is walking in her Neopaws dog boots.

  • gallery1111

    Jetta wears Meshies so he doesn't fall down the stairs again.

  • gallery1121

    Just speechless. Meet Lilo Kahlua Bear wearing Mini Meshies

  • gallery1131

    Puddles just turned 2 and Mom bought him sandals for his birthday!

  • gallery1091

    Mini Meshies fit Danny Boy perfectly!

  • gallery111

    Baby is out shopping in his Neopaws summer hiking boots

  • gallery1101

    Can you say adorable? Jetta in matching outfit and leopard boots

  • gallery1051

    Ben the miracle dog who beat cancer is wearing his Summer Kixx.

  • gallery1061

    Puddles is too cute in his baseball cap and Zoomies sneakers.

  • gallery1071

    Kalo is modeling his new brown sandals and adorable outfit!

  • gallery1081

    Ahi lives in Hawaii and definitely needs some breathable, lightweight pink doggy sandals

  • gallery1041

    180 pound certified therapy dog Bruno wears Ultra Paws.

  • gallery1021

    Amy is cross country skiing in her Neopaws!

  • gallery1031

    Deacon in his mesh booties. Oh, Deacon you are so cute.

  • gallery101

    Junior is ready to lead the team in his blue converse dog sneakers

  • gallery1001

    Ranger is ready for his walk in his black and blue boots!

  • gallery1011

    Sweet Katie is oh so pretty in her pink leather & suede boots!

  • gallery11

    Sally keeping cool in cream color dog sandals