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How to Protect Your Dog From Sunburn

You know the importance of protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. You purchase sunscreen with a high SPF and apply it liberally. You may even wear a hat to protect the top of your head. Are you doing the same for your dog? Many people are surprised to learn that dogs need protection

Seasonal Allergies – Dogs Get Them Too!

Our dogs are susceptible to the same kinds of allergies we humans are, and they suffer just as much. Seasonal allergies can broadside a dog that has been clean and clear-eyed for months. Suddenly she seems to be constantly scratching, biting her fur, chewing on her feet and scrubbing her eyes and face against the

The Importance of Dental Care for Dogs

It's hard to get excited about brushing your dog's teeth. After all, they have some formidably sharp teeth, and most dogs are highly skilled at tightening their lips and clamping their jaws shut right when you want them to be smiling and open-mouthed. It is worth the effort, though, to take the time to get

Does Your Dog Have Food Allergies?

You’ve noticed that your dog seems to be doing more than the normal amount of scratching. Maybe he shakes his head a lot and nibbles or licks his paws too much. If you’re thinking, “Maybe the big guy has allergies,” you could be right. But it may not be what you’d expect. Rather than grass

Great Dane Eats 43 Socks!

It's a mystery many have wondered about at times: Where do all those missing socks go when you lose them? Next time it happens, you may want to check your dog.Recently, surgeons at Dove Lewis Animal Hospital operated on a 3-year-old Great Dane, who ate 43 (and a half) socks."We opened up his stomach and

If Your Dog Is Itchy This Spring, He May Be Suffering From Seasonal Allergies

It is that time of year. Flowers are in full bloom, the birds and bees are busily flitting from blossom to blossom pollinating away, and we humans are suffering with the sneezing, runny noses, and itchy and watery eyes that come along with seasonal allergies. You may have noticed that about this time of year,

Keeping Your Dog Happy & Healthy at Easter

It is that time of year again - Easter!  What a joyous time for all!  But, there are tons of things going on that you should be aware of if you want your dog to stay happy and healthy through the holiday. As the holiday festivities approach, it is up to you to be on

Foods That Are Toxic To Dogs

Most dogs love food, and they’re especially attracted to what they see us eating. While sharing the occasional tidbit with your dog is fine, it’s important to be aware that some foods can be very dangerous to dogs. Take caution to make sure your dog never gets access to the foods listed in the image

Labor Day Pet Safety Tips

Labor Day is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year.  It signifies that summer will officially end soon as it gives way to the cooler temperatures of autumn.  Ok, let's face it.  It's time to mourn summer!  This holiday is well known for family BBQs and other outdoor activities because everyone wants to

Chemicals Used to Melt Ice Can Injure Your Dog

Ice melt that is commonly used to clear ice from sidewalks and other icy surfaces can be harmful to pets. The main ingredient in most ice melt products is either sodium chloride or calcium chloride. Both sodium and calcium chloride can irritate a dog's paws or be harmful to the animal if ingested. A dog's