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Doggie Hair Care and Grooming

From choosing the right brush, to trying to get your dog to stay still in the bathtub, grooming your dog can sometimes be a troubling experience. Find out how to properly cleanse your dog with this guide to grooming!  When brushing your pet’s hair, always make sure to spritz it first, with a spray bottle

Hurricane Preparedness For Your Pets

A hurricane is on its way.  What should you do? In the following paragraphs we are going to give you some tips on how to keep your cat or dog as safe as humanly possible. The important thing is to remember you need to prepare before a disaster strikes. A disaster kit should be large

4th of July Safety Tips For Your Dog

For many people, Independence day celebrations make this an entertaining and exciting time of the season, but your dog probably won't agree. When you celebrate our independence this holiday make sure to keep the following pet-friendly tips in mind: 1. Noisy, crowded fireworks shows can be scary for your dog, avoid the need to take

Caloric Intake of People Food for Dogs

I recently visited my dogs' veterinarian and discussed overall dog health and nutrition.  We chatted for a bit, but what really shocked me was a chart that showed exactly how many calories human food is equivalent for a dog.  This was a true eye opener. Information provided by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, all calories calculated for

Dog Boots: Always Keep Your Dog Protected and Healthy

Dogs and boots – to many folks this can seem like a silly notion. Of course, dogs have been in existence so long as humans and also have gotten along just fine using what God provided them; a sturdy set of 4 paws with protective padding. Nevertheless man used to wander the earth barefoot, as