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Neopaws Dog Boots – How To Put Them On (video)

So you finally decided it would be a wise investment to purchase protective shoes for your dog.  They arrive in the mail, you open the package and you and your dog both stare at each other with blank faces.  "How do I put shoes on my dog?" you say as he takes off looking for

Neopaws Summer Dog Shoes – Hot Pavement (video)

Neopaws summer dog shoes in action!  Watch as paws are protected while playing ball on the burning hot cement. Notice the dog has no issues wearing the shoes or with them falling off.

Neopaws Summer Dog Shoes – Hiking (video)

Neopaws dog hiking boots are the perfect, breathable dog shoes for the active dog. Made with a number of activities in mind such as swimming, hiking and hunting.

Neopaws Brand Dog Shoes – Winter, Summer & Orthopedic (video)

Neopaws makes orthopedic dog boots, winter neoprene dog boots, and breathable mesh summer dog shoes.  For the ultimate in quality and craftsmanship, choose Neopaws dog shoes for your dog's paw protection.

Rain Dog Boots Will Keep Paws Dry

Any dog owner is aware of what happens whenever you blend rain with a lively dog – an incredible big mess. Rain or not, your pet still has to head outdoors to do his business and if you reside somewhere where it can rain for hours on end, your canine can’t typically outlast Mother Nature.

Winter Dog Boots Are Essential In Cold Climates

If you reside in a part of the United States with a true winter that lasts a few months, you are aware that those months signify it’s time to bundle up and safeguard our bodies, fingers, and toes from the chill. If you reside someplace like Colorado, Montana, the northeast or actually at any place

Dog Snow Boots – Are They Really Necessary?

If you do not reside in part of the country that never views a flake of snow, you most likely realize that a snowy winter season can be pretty hazardous for ones pet. However, your canine most likely doesn't know or care. He or she certainly loves his walks so much that it is hard

Dog Pool Boots and Dog Water Shoes

Summertime is here and going strong. With the heat from the summer months comes the standard ways to escape that heat, not just for human beings but also for their four-legged friends too. This includes treks to the beach as well as the nearby waterways and hour upon hour of swimming for those fortunate to

Paw Protection From High Temperatures & Other Summer Problems

A number of dog owners do not know the issues which could occur during the summer that could impact their puppy's health and wellbeing, especially that of their paws. Puppies and their owners are likely to spend more time outdoors during the warm months doing loads of enjoyable human and doggie exercises. There will probably

Dog Sandals – Style and Protection

Special canine friends everywhere are putting on the latest in early spring and summer season paw-wear. Doggy owners not only want to give their dog’s paws the protection that dog sandals and other puppy shoes and boots offer, they also like to see their dogs be the trendsetter on the beachfront, in the park, or