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St. Patrick’s Day with Your Dog – Any Issues?

After what always appears to be a long winter, the month of March seems to give us all a bounce to our step. March designates not only the coming of spring but also St. Patrick’s

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Breed Bio – Collie

Originating in Scotland in the early 1800s and used strictly for herding, the collie has always been a very popular breed of dog. The American Kennel Club acknowledged the breed in 1885 and today ranks

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Celebrating the Holidays with Pets

Holidays have different meanings to different people. While some anticipate the holidays with joy, others dread them due to the extra work and stress they often bring. We often get so busy that our pets

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Thanksgiving – What Not To Feed Your Dog

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with so much going on with planning for a perfect meal and entertaining your family, you may not be thinking about the safety of your pets. Be careful

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Halloween Safety for Dogs

Halloween is probably one of the most anticipated holidays for both children and adults. However, this fun and treat-filled holiday can also mean harm and danger, particularly when the dog is included in the trick-or-treating.

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Service Dogs – What Makes Them Unique & Special

Individuals with disabilities often cannot do many things they would otherwise enjoy or may need special help. One type of special help may be in the form of a service dog. Learn the facts about

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