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  • hanley


    Labrador Retriever, Hanley is able to walk much better in his orthopedic dog boots

  • Cold Winter Weather Dog Care

    Cold Winter Weather Dog Care

    Josie is taking a break from playing in the snow. Her snow boots are protecting her paws and legs!

  • mastiff with boots

    mastiff with boots

    Addy is a big girl with big paws. The Pawtrexx boots offer her perfect protection for this season

  • goldendoodle booties

    goldendoodle booties

    Annadel is such a good girl, waiting for mommy to put on her Hi-Toppers

  • dog wearing tall boots and coat

    dog wearing tall boots and coat

    Lucky won’t get any more annoying snowballs stuck on her paw because she is wearing tall Hi-To

  • dachshund booties

    dachshund booties

    This is the face of a beautiful Dachshund who no longer has hurt paws. Candy is wearing waterproof d

  • yorkie booties

    yorkie booties

    Daisy is a 14 year old Yorkie who wants to play with her siblings. The Mini Meshies prevent her from

  • poodle wearing duckie slippers

    poodle wearing duckie slippers

    Miniature Poodle is adorable in yellow duckie slippers

  • Neo Mastiff Dog Booties

    Neo Mastiff Dog Booties

    Meshies booties help arthritic Neo Mastiff, Kong get around the slippery floors much better

  • great dane boots

    great dane boots

    Great Dane Marlo is decked out for winter in her Hi-Toppers and matching hood

  • arthritis booties

    arthritis booties

    Mocha needs traction boots to help him navigate the house and the Ultra Paws are giving her a new li

  • German Shepherd Boots

    German Shepherd Boots

    German Shepherd Moses is the perfect model for our Hi-Toppers winter boots.

  • Newfoundland Boots

    Newfoundland Boots

    Lilly the Newfoundland has giant paws but they are no match for Hi-Toppers

  • boxer boots

    boxer boots

    Boxer, Shelby Lynn looks a little skeptical but rest assured her paws won’t hurt anymore becau

  • dog wearing socks

    dog wearing socks

    Bacci the Boxer is able to gain more traction because he’s wearing non slip dog socks

  • kerry blue terrier in boots

    kerry blue terrier in boots

    Kerry Blue Terrier Ch. Lemerick’s Law and Order (Elliot) is wearing winter booties to take on

  • bernese mountain dog boots

    bernese mountain dog boots

    Mom says Eyko is so happy when he’s wearing his shoes. Giant is his Yorkie housemate. Eyko is

  • boxer wearing Ultra Paws

    boxer wearing Ultra Paws

    Go Toby go! You are flying in your Ultra Paws

  • golden retriever dog boots

    golden retriever dog boots

    Golden Retriever, Harmless is keeping warm and cozy in the cold Canadian winter. He’s wearing

  • orthopedic boots for lab

    orthopedic boots for lab

    Hunter the lab is can now stand while she eats because she’s wearing orthopedic boots

  • beagle in dog bunny slippers

    beagle in dog bunny slippers

    Reesie the Beagle is as cute as can be in her duckie slippers

  • dachshund in dog sneakers

    dachshund in dog sneakers

    Oscar is trying on his new chucks! How cute he is in his sneakers

  • yorkie wearing dog booties

    yorkie wearing dog booties

    Peppermint’s booties match her bow and are so easy to walk in!

  • labradoodle tall dog boots

    labradoodle tall dog boots

    Deep snow is no match for this labradoodle! Check out his Hi-Toppers

  • dog booties for mud

    dog booties for mud

    Mom doesn’t need to mop the house anymore because her golden retriever is wearing dog boots fo

  • boots for wood floors

    boots for wood floors

    Charlie the Airedale walks with great traction on the wood floors because of his non slip booties

  • german shepherd boots

    german shepherd boots

    Non slip booties give Guinness, the German Shepherd much needed traction.

  • rhodesian ridgeback booties

    rhodesian ridgeback booties

    Giant Rhodesian Ridgeback, Henry is scared of slipping on wood floors. He feels much more confident

  • yorkie sneakers

    yorkie sneakers

    Hyunee, Yorkshire Terrier is incredibly cute in his new blue dog sneakers

  • orthopedic dog boots

    orthopedic dog boots

    14 year old lab wears orthopedic boots on his hind legs to keep him mobile.