It’s Our One Year Anniversary!

Whew, we did it!  It's been an amazing year.  What could be better than outfitting dogs in cool looking footwear and changing their lives at the same time? We are having a One Year Anniversary Sale to thank you for your continual support. Saturday & Sunday, May 14 & 15 Take 20% off everything!! Please

Caloric Intake of People Food for Dogs

I recently visited my dogs' veterinarian and discussed overall dog health and nutrition.  We chatted for a bit, but what really shocked me was a chart that showed exactly how many calories human food is equivalent for a dog.  This was a true eye opener. Information provided by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, all calories calculated for

Dog Boots – Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday!

Still debating whether or not your dog needs boots or shoes? Stop debating.  Now is the time to give it a try! They make great gifts for friends' or family members' dogs! Please visit us: www.alldogboots.com

Measure Dog’s Paws Accurately For The Proper Fit

Got a Great Dane?  Neither do I. Oh dear, Cooper. See what happens when you don't size dog shoes properly? Please contact us for assistance at 1-234-PETBOOT Take a look at our instructional step-by-step guide on how to measure your dog for boots

Ultra Paws Dog Shoes – How To Put Them On (video)

Ultra Paws dog boots are so easy to put on.  But make sure you have a few delicious treats and some favorite toys to make it a great experience for everyone!

Neopaws Dog Boots – How To Put Them On (video)

So you finally decided it would be a wise investment to purchase protective shoes for your dog.  They arrive in the mail, you open the package and you and your dog both stare at each other with blank faces.  "How do I put shoes on my dog?" you say as he takes off looking for

Meet Cooper. He’s Our Morkie Mascot

Meet Coop Dog. Cooper is a 2 1/2 year old, 9 1/2 pound Morkie (maltese and yorkshire terrier mix) who loves to smile! They call this breed a “designer breed”, which would lead us to believe that he’s all about fashion. Well, Cooper is more of the rough and tumble type, although he does love

How to Measure Your Dog for Shoes and Wear Tips

Once you've convinced yourself that dog shoes or boots are a good idea for your canine, you must know precisely what size to buy, the proper way to put them on your dog, and how to get him used to wearing them. Selecting The Correct Size Dog Boot If buying a durable set of winter

Dog Boots: Always Keep Your Dog Protected and Healthy

Dogs and boots – to many folks this can seem like a silly notion. Of course, dogs have been in existence so long as humans and also have gotten along just fine using what God provided them; a sturdy set of 4 paws with protective padding. Nevertheless man used to wander the earth barefoot, as

Traveling With My Small Dog on an Airplane

Cooper and I were anxious to visit my parents in South Florida. I was very excited to hear that Southwest is accepting small dogs, as I normally fly Southwest because they have a direct flight from New Orleans to Ft. Lauderdale. I booked a round trip ticket for myself, and reserved an under-the-seat space ($75