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Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots

With summer in full swing but Labor Day right around the corner, families and individuals are trying to get in their annual vacations. A major concern to many is what to do with their faithful companion…their dog. I have great news for you! There are many dog-friendly vacation spots located throughout the U.S. Some vacation

Seven Essentials for Your Hunting Dog

No hunter would go out without the proper gear. From safety vests to GPS units, there are essentials that most hunters cannot do without. The same can be said for the faithful dogs that accompany them. Keeping your dog stress-free and relaxed on a hunting trip can be beneficial to you both. Here are seven

Taking Your Dog On A Plane

You want to go on vacation, but you do not want to leave your dog behind. You are traveling a long distance, and you do not want to drive. Flying with your pet is a viable option for some, provided it is done correctly and safely. Here are some tips for flying, or not flying,

Traveling With My Small Dog on an Airplane

Cooper and I were anxious to visit my parents in South Florida. I was very excited to hear that Southwest is accepting small dogs, as I normally fly Southwest because they have a direct flight from New Orleans to Ft. Lauderdale. I booked a round trip ticket for myself, and reserved an under-the-seat space ($75