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How to Care for Dog Paws in the Rain

As a dog owner, you know that your dog needs his exercise, rain or shine. He also needs to do his business, rain or shine. If it’s rainy, it is inevitable that your dog, especially his feet, is going to get wet and probably muddy, too. This is not just an inconvenience for you and

Caring For Your Dog in Cold Weather

Winter is definitely upon us, as evidenced by the dry skin and chapped lips, not to mention hair standing on end from static electricity, plaguing pretty much everyone not residing in Miami or Phoenix. It can be fun and invigorating to head out to explore your winter wonderland with your dog, but as you zip

2 Steps To Putting Boots On A Dog – Hilarious!!

There are a few very important things to know about putting boots on your dog for the first time.  Keep in mind that your dog may have no idea what you are trying to do to him! Rule #1 It's very important to offer lots of love, praise and very yummy dog treats!  Let him

Doggie Hair Care and Grooming

From choosing the right brush, to trying to get your dog to stay still in the bathtub, grooming your dog can sometimes be a troubling experience. Find out how to properly cleanse your dog with this guide to grooming!  When brushing your pet’s hair, always make sure to spritz it first, with a spray bottle

5 Quick Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs

Can't decide what your canine comrade should be for Halloween? Forgot to run out to the store? Follow these easy tips for creating your own doggie Halloween costume! 1. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a... dog? Cut up an old white T-shirt into a square with two fringes hanging off the top of

Measure Dog’s Paws Accurately For The Proper Fit

Got a Great Dane?  Neither do I. Oh dear, Cooper. See what happens when you don't size dog shoes properly? Please contact us for assistance at 1-234-PETBOOT Take a look at our instructional step-by-step guide on how to measure your dog for boots

Ultra Paws Dog Shoes – How To Put Them On (video)

Ultra Paws dog boots are so easy to put on.  But make sure you have a few delicious treats and some favorite toys to make it a great experience for everyone!

Neopaws Dog Boots – How To Put Them On (video)

So you finally decided it would be a wise investment to purchase protective shoes for your dog.  They arrive in the mail, you open the package and you and your dog both stare at each other with blank faces.  "How do I put shoes on my dog?" you say as he takes off looking for

How to Measure Your Dog for Shoes and Wear Tips

Once you've convinced yourself that dog shoes or boots are a good idea for your canine, you must know precisely what size to buy, the proper way to put them on your dog, and how to get him used to wearing them. Selecting The Correct Size Dog Boot If buying a durable set of winter