Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

If you've ever had your pet experience a major medical emergency, you're all too aware of the cost of an emergency veterinary visit, especially if it involved a surgery. Not many people have thousands of

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Breed Bio – German Shepherd Dog

If you’re looking for a dog that’s a faithful companion and loyal protector while still having a high desire to play, a German Shepherd may be the perfect choice. German Shepherds have been around since

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Toys Your Dog Will Love

Buying the right toys for your dog helps to ensure that it does not take out its boredom on your furniture or other belongings. Giving your dog something of its own to chew may be

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Does Holiday Stress Affect Pets?

Many pet guardians ask if pets can get stressed out around the holidays. The answer is yes. Pets are creatures of routine and habit. Most humans are busy during the holiday season. They are so

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Seven Essentials for Your Hunting Dog

No hunter would go out without the proper gear. From safety vests to GPS units, there are essentials that most hunters cannot do without. The same can be said for the faithful dogs that accompany

Breed Bio – Bassett Hound

Long ears, short legs and drool is what you may first notice when you see a basset hound in person, but take a closer look. These lovable dogs are hounds in name and couch potatoes

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