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Therapy Dog Does Tricks in Sneakers!

Zoe the Therapy Dog is a special dog.  As an adopted rescue dog she had a rough beginning, but now she is in her forever home enjoying the type of life every pet deserves. But,she's also a "working dog"- volunteering at 5 different facilities and loving every minute of it. She actually can't wait to

Boston Police K-9 Pup Captures Our Hearts

It is just as important to protect our K-9 cops.  This adorable German Shepherd puppy may one day become a K-9 unit for the Boston Police Department.  This photo went viral on the internet and is stealing everyone's heart!  The adorable image is of 9 month old Tuco, who one day will grow into his

It’s Already Snowing in Canada!

It's September.  Alldogboots.com is located in Florida.  To hear that it's already snowing in Canada when it's still uncomfortably hot here is unbelievable!  Canadians are already scurrying around searching for the perfect protective paw-wear.  We received this letter from a grateful Canadian customer.  I have a feeling that this season, this will be one of

Great Customer Service & Helping 2 & 4 Legged Friends Is Our #1 Priority

There is nothing more rewarding than helping a 4-legged friend and pleasing their 2-legged parents throughout the process.  Alldogboots.com is blessed to have such wonderful customers who care about their pets as much as we do.  Here's a letter we received from one of our loyal customers, Sarah, who ordered boots for her dogs, her

Miniature Therapy Horse Comforts Patients at Sutter Hospitals

This article was recently written in the Sacramento Bee, by Katrina Cameron. Hope is one of our favorite customers. She wears a variety of boots to help with slipping on hospital floors and to also keep her feet clean in the hospital. Hope couldn’t make it past the front doors of Sutter Medical Center in

Rusty Wears Boots While Swimming In The Pool!

Rusty's wears dog boots in the pool for several reasons.  The entire family is thrilled that they can all spend time in the backyard and swim together!  Rusty is wearing Ultra Paws.   1. The children are no longer getting scratched by Rusty's nails. 2. The pool liner is protected from further damage. 3. Rusty

Miniature Service Horse Wears Dog Boots!

Hope is a miniature service horse.  We are sharing "Hope," a 29" tall Miniature horse with people who need a little hope. She has comforted elderly, and bedridden folks, and blessed the hearts of many children. She is a tiny horse with a HUGE mission....to comfort and show love.    Hope wears boots for 2 reasons. 

Letter From a Very Happy Dog Boot Customer!

I must admit that I was so elated to receive this letter from an extremely satisfied customer.  Who knew that selling dog boots would be so rewarding?  Here's the letter from Bonnie and her mom: Dear Alldogboots.com, I must say that your website and customer service are at the top echelon of all pet related

Spring In the Life of A Dog

Ah, spring! It's time for my human to put away my winter dog boots. They are perfect for keeping the annoying little snowballs from building up between my toes and stopping the ice from scratching my pads. But now it’s time for the lighter weight dog boots and shoes to come out. It’s a dog’s

Our First Trip to an Outdoor Restaurant Together

I thought it would be a nice idea to take Cooper to an outdoor restaurant today. I was a little bit hesitant, as Cooper is a fairly hyper-active dog and I've yet to master training him, but figured I'd give it a shot. Ok I'm lying. I was extremely hesitant and he's a super hyper-active