About Alldogboots

I was born and raised on Long Island, NY and currently reside in Palm Beach County, Florida. I am the proud mother of Cooper, a silly morkie and Max, an adorable teapot Yorkie and owner of unique, online pet boutique Alldogboots.com. I'm an animal lover, activist, and entrepreneur who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down.

Yoyo and his summer kixx

Yoyo just chilling with his new Summer Kixx.

Kovu in boots

We went camping and wanted to protect Kovu's paws from getting cut on the rocks. He loved his boots thought he was invisible...

Our OES Loves His Boots!

We live in Big Pine Key, FL in the Lower Florida Keys just 29.5 miles from Key West. It’s a rainy night in the Keys and Barnabas got all decked out to go out in between rain storms. And the power’s out too!

Twilight in boots

She’s ready for a walk in the snow!

Maximus in boots

Maximus, a boy Great Dane is going for a walk in our local mountain, possibly on snow.


LITTLE CHARLEY IN THE VILLAGES loves his new sneakers. They fit him perfectly. If you go to FB and type in LITTLE CHARLEY IN THE VILLAGES you will see an amazing little 4.7 pound dog that has a personality as large as an elephant. He will wear anything you put on him. He loves shoes


LITTLE CHARLEY IN THE VILLAGES knows you cannot play baseball without a good pair of sneakers on!!

Albus Dumbledoodle

No more abrasions and cuts from running around in the snow in the winter or on the rocks at the lake in the summer!

Snow boots that stay on!

Snow boots that STAY ON Delilah & Winston during walks and playing in the yard! Priceless!

Samson Wears Red Kicks

Samson’s sporting some new red kicks!