About Alldogboots

I was born and raised on Long Island, NY and currently reside in Palm Beach County, Florida. I am the proud mother of Cooper, a silly morkie and Max, an adorable teapot Yorkie and owner of unique, online pet boutique Alldogboots.com. I'm an animal lover, activist, and entrepreneur who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down.

High in the Colorado Rockies

Little Lucy rescued us at the end of August. She appears to be adjusting well to life in the high mountains of Colorado! She and I are getting accustomed to putting on her Zipper Snow Boots. Thanks for the "how to" instructions! Besides the fact that the boots keep her delicate feet from freezing I

Namida with Her Boots

It was fairly easy to get the boots on her feet. I am extremely happy with the fit and quality of them. I know she doesn't like them but, I'm very glad they will protect her from the cold and salt and keep her feet warm this winter and those winters to come.

New boots have questionable reliability

I have 5 dogs that I walk year round in all seasons one of which can't walk much due to a neurological issue so I pull her in a wagon. I need boots that protect and will stay on.

Jackson with his new booties!

Booties needed for traction on hardwood floors.

Getting Your Dog Winter Ready!

Are you winter ready?  Make sure your dog has snow boots so you don't wind up like this!

Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae who is a therapy dog, was one of the offical NM State Fair Ambassadogs. She wore her pink boots to help protect her feet from the hot pavement. I didn't realize the attention she would get. She wore the boots out, she needs a new pair! She wore them proudly!

No more scraped paw tops

The tops of her paws were getting scraped because she has to use a cart to get around.  Problem solved with her new Ultra Paws!

Turning heads

First float trip she was turning heads with her cute little boots as her paws stayed protected

Blackhawk’s stylin’

Hawk is an aging Irish Wolfhound. With aging, they’re prone to slowing reflexes in their hind feet, and drag their toes when walking. His soft rubber sole booties have allowed his toes to heal. No more bloody toes! Thanks for expert assistance in perfectly sizing his booties! And, the coaching on how to introduce shoes.

Happy Feet!

Penny's poor feet got burned out first spring living in Las Vegas. Now, she loves her walks! The meshies fit perfectly and we will continue to buy them. Customer service was awesome in helping to choose the right shoes for her hare feet.