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Do Dogs Really Need Winter Boots?

Do Dogs Really Need to Wear Winter Boots? Despite dogs being animals, many dog owners consider and treat them as members of the family. We may offer special diets for our pets, take them on

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Getting Your Dog Winter Ready!

Are you winter ready?  Make sure your dog has snow boots so you don't wind up like this!

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Top 5 Best Dog Booties for Summer

If your dog is like most dogs, he or she probably spends time outdoors either alone or by your side. Does your pal seem to enjoy the outdoors, or does he stand there panting nonstop?

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Is the Solar Eclipse Safe For Your Pets?

For days now, we’ve been hearing all about the “Great American Eclipse”, which many are calling the upcoming solar eclipse and planning where and how they’re going to see it happen. Dog lovers who are

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Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots

With summer in full swing but Labor Day right around the corner, families and individuals are trying to get in their annual vacations. A major concern to many is what to do with their faithful

Yulin Dog Meat Festival – Is it the End or Just a Short Reprieve?

When was the last time you read a news article that began with the words, “Warning distressing content”? Unfortunately, that’s what one might find if they research articles regarding the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. For