Yorkshire Terrier is Hilarious!

My house was very quiet so I thought it would be a good idea to check on my Yorkie, Max.  He usually hangs out in the spare bedroom because that's where he can see out the window and bark at passersby (anything moving).  When I entered the bedroom, this is what I found.  Does anyone

Miniature Poodle Tries Booties For The First Time!

Mom said Cricket wasn't sure about her booties at first but then she started to love them!  She did great in her Mini Meshies.  Dog booties may seem difficult at first but with a little love, patience and yummy treats your dog will be an expert in no time.  Just like Cricket!

Miniature Therapy Horse Comforts Patients at Sutter Hospitals

This article was recently written in the Sacramento Bee, by Katrina Cameron. Hope is one of our favorite customers. She wears a variety of boots to help with slipping on hospital floors and to also keep her feet clean in the hospital. Hope couldn’t make it past the front doors of Sutter Medical Center in

Rusty Wears Boots While Swimming In The Pool!

Rusty's wears dog boots in the pool for several reasons.  The entire family is thrilled that they can all spend time in the backyard and swim together!  Rusty is wearing Ultra Paws.   1. The children are no longer getting scratched by Rusty's nails. 2. The pool liner is protected from further damage. 3. Rusty

2 Steps To Putting Boots On A Dog – Hilarious!!

There are a few very important things to know about putting boots on your dog for the first time.  Keep in mind that your dog may have no idea what you are trying to do to him! Rule #1 It's very important to offer lots of love, praise and very yummy dog treats!  Let him

Look What Happens When I Try to Train My Dogs To Play Dead!

It's ridiculous.  I don't even know what else to say.  I trained my dog Cooper to smile on command.  I'll upload that video in the near future.  The problem now is - all he does is smile!  I could be reprimanding him for something and he will just look at me and bare all those

Lorde – Royals Puppy Dog Version

I have liked the song Royals, by Lorde for a few weeks now.  But when I heard the puppy shelter version I became an even bigger fan!  You must share this with all of your friends who spoil their dogs! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ilhtru5Kg9U#t=58

Utopia Vet Clinic | Funny Pet Humor

I came across this on the internet and found it absolutely hilarious!  Ok, yes I am guilty!  I might press 08.  How about you?   Utopia Vet Clinic Press 01 to schedule an appointment for your pet. Press 02 to have your pet seen immediately. Press 03 to speak directly to the veterinarian. Press 04

Cooper Wears Summer Dog Booties

Cooper, our resident shoe guru is testing the Summer Kixx by Barko Booties. He doesn't seem to be having any trouble running through the house!  Summer Kixx are the ideal summer dog shoe for any size dog.  These faux leather and mesh sneakers are easy on/off and stay on with a zipper, velcro closure and

Cute Smiling Dog!

Do you know Cooper?  He's our adorable, smiling Morkie mascot.  Since I was able to capture that smile quickly on camera, I figured it would be something that he's capable of learning on command.  So, we have been working on smile training.  He seems to be picking it up fairly quickly! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N38E3Q5OLT8