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Dog Coats and Dog Jackets For Winter!

Dogs naturally adapt to the environment. Their fur or all-natural coats give them the heat that they will need when the nippy climate sets in. On the other hand, at times, with below-freezing temperatures, your dog’s organic coat might not be enough to keep them warm and cozy. It is actually best which you invest

Dog Booties: More Than Just a Style Statement

In recent times, we're all so enamored by pets. Dogs are quick becoming a style accessory currently, with many Hollywood celebrities being seen out and about with their furry close friends. It's no mystery, because dogs are genuinely utterly adorable, and people are unable to resist their cuteness.Nowadays, it really is no surprise to go

Dog Boots in All Shapes & Sizes

Dogs are not just pets but best friends for many pet owners. Their day does not end without taking their dog for a walk. And for making those walks more comfortable for the pets, there are exclusive dog boots. They are available at the alldogboots.com website with the widest range and collection of dog boots

Why Your Dog Really Needs Dog Boots, Shoes, or Booties

Don't think your dog needs dog boots, shoes, or booties? Think again. While most people believe that dog shoes are just for fun and fashion, there are many legitimate reasons why your dog would benefit by wearing them. The Great Outdoors Do you have an active outdoor dog that you take hiking, running, hunting, or

Letter From a Very Happy Dog Boot Customer!

I must admit that I was so elated to receive this letter from an extremely satisfied customer.  Who knew that selling dog boots would be so rewarding?  Here's the letter from Bonnie and her mom: Dear Alldogboots.com, I must say that your website and customer service are at the top echelon of all pet related

Spring In the Life of A Dog

Ah, spring! It's time for my human to put away my winter dog boots. They are perfect for keeping the annoying little snowballs from building up between my toes and stopping the ice from scratching my pads. But now it’s time for the lighter weight dog boots and shoes to come out. It’s a dog’s

Saint Bernard Uses Dog Booties to Get Relief from Allergies

A customer of ours bought non slip dog booties to see if it would help prevent her Saint Bernard, Karma from constantly licking her paws due to allergies.  Here is her experience: St. Bernard, Karma Wears Dog Booties This is a photo of my St. Bernard, Karma, sporting her new red boots! I

Lightweight Dog Shoes – Step Into Spring With Style!

The starting of an old rhyme in regards to the seasons starts "Spring has sprung". In several parts of the nation that time is about to spring upon us. The snow is melting; the first of the spring flowers like tulips and daffodils are peeking their heads out of theground; as well as old Punxsutawney

What Kind of Dog Snow Boots Should You Buy?

Winter is coming! In the winter months the temperatures drop and it snows, it rains, it blows, and it can be downright cold. Even if you don’t live in snow country, you may get your share of rain and it can get pretty frigid. In these cold winter months, we get accustomed to the nice

Help For an Old Dog Slipping on Wood Floors

This is a testimonial from one of our customers: "I never thought of using booties in the house, but the rubber bottoms really help 13-year-old Rusty get up on our slick wooden floors.  The mesh tops allow them to breath, which is critical for long-term use." If your dog is having similar issues to Rusty,