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Cooper Wears Summer Dog Booties

Cooper, our resident shoe guru is testing the Summer Kixx by Barko Booties. He doesn't seem to be having any trouble running through the house!  Summer Kixx are the ideal summer dog shoe for any size dog.  These faux leather and mesh sneakers are easy on/off and stay on with a zipper, velcro closure and

Dog Shoes To Prevent Slipping

In case you are a pet owner in a house with hardwood or tile floors, you understand that this can at times be a poor combination. It could be difficult in your dog along with your floors. Some of these playful moments can flip into a canine editionl of NASCAR. Lack of traction tends to

Pawz Dog Boots – Warm Pavement & Burr Protection

Pawz dog boots are so easy to wear during springtime to protect paws from warm pavement and those irritating burrs that get stuck on your dog's fur. No zippers, strings, velcro. Simply slip them on and go. Rubber dog boots are not to be worn for long periods of time in extreme heat. Here are

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots – For Snow

Ultra Paws Durable dog boots stay on in the snow and will ensure dry paws while your dogs play outside this winter.

Dog Shoes Make a Fantastic Gift For the Holidays For Your Pup

It looks like the minute Halloween night is finished time merely flies by and before you realize this festive season is upon us. Whether you and your family (including your puppy, needless to say) celebrate Christmas time or perhaps Chanukah, this particular time of the year usually means 2 big factors - changes in the

Pawz Dog Boots (video)

Pawz disposable rubber dog boots are inexpensive, so easy to wear, and can be reused again and again and then simply thrown away when wear and tear begins to show.

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots – Prevent Slipping (video)

Ultra Paws Durable dog boots prevent slipping on hardwood floors and tile and are also perfect for outdoor wet weather conditions.  The Toughtek® soles are anti slip, so your pooch can now speed around corners, or have assistance getting off the ground.

Ultra Paws Dog Shoes – How To Put Them On (video)

Ultra Paws dog boots are so easy to put on.  But make sure you have a few delicious treats and some favorite toys to make it a great experience for everyone!

Ultra Paws Dog Boots – Play Hard (video)

Ultra Paws durable dog boots stay on while playing hard! The dogs move naturally in their boots and they don't interfere with their good time! Your dog will enjoy protection from mud, thorns, thistles, and rocks.

Neopaws Dog Boots – How To Put Them On (video)

So you finally decided it would be a wise investment to purchase protective shoes for your dog.  They arrive in the mail, you open the package and you and your dog both stare at each other with blank faces.  "How do I put shoes on my dog?" you say as he takes off looking for