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Saint Bernard Uses Dog Booties to Get Relief from Allergies

A customer of ours bought non slip dog booties to see if it would help prevent her Saint Bernard, Karma from constantly licking her paws due to allergies.  Here is her experience: St. Bernard, Karma Wears Dog Booties This is a photo of my St. Bernard, Karma, sporting her new red boots! I

Lost Yorkshire Terrier in Long Beach, CA

Please help me in informing anyone you might know in the Long Beach, CA area about a lost 5-6 pound Yorkshire Terrier who goes by the name Benjamin. He was last seen a few days ago and the owner is absolutely heart broken. Please use your social media skills and outreach capabilities in any way

Treat Your Dog For Valentines Day

  Do you really need another reason to love your dog even more? Maybe not, but why not make this Valentines Day memorable for everyone in your family, including your dog. Do something extra special with your pooch today. Here are a few ideas: 1. play ball 2. take your dog out for a walk

Cooper Is The Cutest Pet on Twitter!

For those of you who follow @alldogboots on twitter, you are probably already aware that our avatar is a cute smiling dog. That's Cooper. Cooper is an almost 2 year old, 9 1/2 pound Morkie (maltese and yorkshire terrier mix) who loves to smile! They call this breed a "designer breed", which would lead us

Help For an Old Dog Slipping on Wood Floors

This is a testimonial from one of our customers: "I never thought of using booties in the house, but the rubber bottoms really help 13-year-old Rusty get up on our slick wooden floors.  The mesh tops allow them to breath, which is critical for long-term use." If your dog is having similar issues to Rusty,

Cute Smiling Dog!

Do you know Cooper?  He's our adorable, smiling Morkie mascot.  Since I was able to capture that smile quickly on camera, I figured it would be something that he's capable of learning on command.  So, we have been working on smile training.  He seems to be picking it up fairly quickly! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N38E3Q5OLT8

In Memory of Dillon Barron

A customer of alldogboots.com recently returned a pair of boots. There was a note included with the return that stated that the dog was unable to wear the orthopedic dog boots because his Degenerative Myelopathy had deteriorated his back legs so badly that the boots could not be worn. On October 1st sweet Dillon had

Our Dog Park Experience

A few month back when Cooper and I were visiting Mom in Florida, we took a trip to the dog park. We tried 4 times and each time was unsuccessful. In retrospect I think most of it was my fault as I tend to be an overly protective mom. He didn't allow any dog's to

Traveling With My Small Dog on an Airplane

Cooper and I were anxious to visit my parents in South Florida. I was very excited to hear that Southwest is accepting small dogs, as I normally fly Southwest because they have a direct flight from New Orleans to Ft. Lauderdale. I booked a round trip ticket for myself, and reserved an under-the-seat space ($75