February has been designated National Pet Dental Month by the American Veterinary Medical Society, the American Veterinary Dental Society and Hill’s Pet Nutrition. “Dog breath” is just part of being a dog, right? Not necessarily. That smell is indicative of early periodontal disease. Brushing your pet’s teeth is as important as brushing your own. Have you tried to brush your dog’s teeth? It took Cooper and I quite some time to figure out the best way to keep his teeth clean. I have a little rubber toothbrush that fits on my fingertip and toothpaste recommended by my veterinarian. Since he loves the taste, it’s not difficult to get in his mouth, however it is difficult to avoid licking it off in one full swoop. The veterinarian suggested making a game out of it. What better opportunity for him to play and bit on my finger? I’m now able to brush his teeth every night and he fills with excitement whenever I say “wanna brush teeth??!!”

As always, when grooming or dressing a dog be sure to elevate the pet. I put Cooper on the kitchen counter and it deems me the pack leader, not his playmate.

I probably should have named this blog allsmilingpetsblog.com. For some
reason, I just can’t look at enough photos of smiling dogs and cats. In honor of Pet Dental Health Month, PeoplePets is presenting the toothiest grins from your favorite furballs. This is a must see if you are as obsessed about smiling pooches as I am! Oh, and Cooper is #4 smiling dog on PeoplePets (just in case you could stand yet another photo of him).

As a reminder, feel free to upload your photos of your smiling pets. Upload non-smileys too!