Now there is only one place you need to go to look for functional or fun dog boots and shoes for your four-legged friend. On May 1, 2010 was launched, marking the grand opening of a niche pet supply website offering a wide variety of paw-wear for your pooch.

When Karen Luther, the owner of, hears people wondering why they would need shoes for their dog, she has a lot of answers to their questions. “First of all, they’re practical in a lot of ways and for a lot of different activities.” One very sensible reason for a dog to wear boots is to protect their paws from road hazards like hot pavement in the summer, ice and snow in the winter, and harmful chemicals used to de-ice roadways.

“I know a lot of people who put boots on their dogs before letting them out in the muddy yard after a rain storm”, says Karen Luther. It turns out that this is a great way to keep your dog from tracking that mud from sloppy, wet feet into the house. Just pull the boots off before that messy dog comes in and leave them on the porch. even offers inexpensive disposable dog boots that can be used a few times and thrown away for occasions like this.

There are dog shoes and boots on the website also appeal to those pet owners that love to dress up their little friends and show them off at fun gatherings for dogs. She offers cute little airy sandals and even high top sneakers and fur dog boots.

Veterinarians often recommend certain types of dog boots for dogs that have hip problems. has a variety of orthopedic dog boots that can be of help to bigger breed dogs that suffer from hip dysplasia or degenerative myelopathy.

“Orthopedic boots can keep dogs with these problems from injuring their toes and paws” says founder, Karen Luther. Dogs with these issues will often drag their feet, causing their toes and paws to scrape on the ground.

People with practical reasons for buying boots for their dog now have a place to find a wide variety of them from the comfort of their home. For those folks who didn’t even know that dog boots even existed, they now have a perfect way to discover the fun and functionality paw-wear for their pooch.

Company/Organization Information: is a web based niche pet product company owned by Barko Lex, LLC. The company was founded in 2009 with operations located in the New Orleans, La area.

Contact Information: Karen Luther
PO Box 1527
Natalbany, La 70451

Phone: 1-234-PETBOOT (738-2668)