If you do not reside in part of the country that never views a flake of snow, you most likely realize that a snowy winter season can be pretty hazardous for ones pet. However, your canine most likely doesn’t know or care. He or she certainly loves his walks so much that it is hard for you to say no even though you understand what snow, ice, and slush can do to a dog’s feet.

Snow and ice could easily get built up in those furry places in between their paws making him totally uncomfortable. Not only does it hurt, but a great deal could get packed in there that they lose traction, slipping and sliding about the frozen surfaces. One particular option is to keep the hair between the pads trimmed. But realistically, how many pets are likely to sit down still when you snip around using a sharp pair of scissors?

Any time layer after layer of snow gets frozen together with one another, this may result in uneven, jagged, and sharpened areas that can even scratch or slice your dog’s feet. Probably the most useful solution to these types of problems is puppy snow boots, especially if you live an area with lengthy, severe winter seasons.

Maybe the thought of snow shoes for dogs seems like an odd concept to you, but believe it or not, they are one of the best solutions to those difficulties. Not only can well-made boots keep your pet’s paws dry, cozy, as well as ice free, but take into account all of the horrible chemicals that our metropolitan areas use to de-ice and melt snow. Pet snow boots make certain that these hazardous chemical substances keep off of feet and also out of the home.

A great set of snow boots for dogs are not merely waterproof and cozy but the soles are often made with rubber offering great traction force on slick surfaces. Many even have toe protectors. Many dog snow boots include cuffs which can be pulled upwards high on their legs for extra warmth and support. These higher cuffs will keep the snow from balling up in the fur upon their legs in case your puppy is long-haired.

Yet another issue with the snowball build up in your dog’s feet is what to do about it when you arrive home. You may either let it melt naturally, leaving puddles and wet spots wherever your dog wanders, or attempt to pull them out. This will hurt making your dog distrustful each time you touch his / her feet. Snow shoes for dogs slip off simply and can be left outdoors on the porch right next to yours.