From choosing the right brush, to trying to get your dog to stay still in the bathtub, grooming your dog can sometimes be a troubling experience. Find out how to properly cleanse your dog with this guide to grooming!

  •  When brushing your pet’s hair, always make sure to spritz it first, with a spray bottle filled with warm water. Brushing while their hair is dry can lead to hair fallout, so you should always keep a spray bottle handy.
  • For long-haired dogs, you should brush their hair more frequently than you would a short-haired haired dog, like 2 or 3 times a week, as they can contract knots much more easily than dogs with shorter hair. (Short- haired dogs only have to be brushed once a week.)
  • When applying soap, you should use an old hand towel or sponge. Doing so will let you to create a nice lather of soap quickly.
  • Similar to spraying your dog with warm water, always wash them with lukewarm water, as it is more comfortable to dogs than cold water.
  • Keep all grooming supplies within a close proximity of the tub or other washing area. That way, you don’t risk turning around to grab something and having your dog jump out and splash everything!
  • Although you can dry off your dog with mainly a towel, make sure your dog is in an open area where they are free to shake dry.
  • For the first couple of times you groom your dog, do not allow the sessions to last more than 10 minutes, as your dog will not be very happy. Also, play with and praise your dog after each session!

With these helpful hints, you can get your dog smelling as fresh as a daisy in no time. Just grab the shampoo and jump on in!