Of course you have them.  You know, those cute little outfits for your dog that you just can’t pass up. They look absolutely fabulous on your dog, but every time you put on one of those cute little outfits, you sense that something is missing.
You need a matching pair of shoes to complete the ensemble. At AllDogBoots.com we have a huge selection of shoes to complete any outfit.

Do you have an athletic dog? Try a set of Zoomies. This sturdy, yet light weight, Hi-Top “Converse” style shoes come in a variety of colors to match any outfit. We also have a huge selection of sneakers designed to keep your dog’s feet comfortable and protected.

Does your dog have a cute little sun dress? Try a pair of our adorable sandals perfect for spring and summer. Our sandals are airy and breathable and come in a variety of colors and styles. You can even get an open toed style to show off that pedicure!

If you have a cute rain coat, try a pair of our rain boots for your next trip out in the rain. These boots come in a wide array of colors and will keep your dog comfortable and dry as they play outside.

Not sure what you are going to encounter on your excursions? Try out our faux leather and suede boots. These stylish shoes go well with a variety of outfits, but they are water repellent, so you are ready for any kind of play.

Even if your dog suffers from an injury, disability, or the effects of getting older, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion to get an orthopedic shoe. Take a look at our huge selection of orthopedic and non-slip shoes to help protect your dog’s paws and keep them comfortable as they walk.

Whatever your dog’s style, we have a shoe to match. Visit www.alldogboots.com today to find the perfect shoe for your dog.