Any dog owner is aware of what happens whenever you blend rain with a lively dog – an incredible big mess. Rain or not, your pet still has to head outdoors to do his business and if you reside somewhere where it can rain for hours on end, your canine can’t typically outlast Mother Nature. Therefore to the yard he goes, in the puddles within the grass and the mud in the garden. And what happens to that water and muck when he has completed his rounds? It comes into the home onto your new carpet, your floor tile and hardwood flooring, and even your furniture if you aren’t ready for that jump onto the couch.

dog with muddy paws

Certainly it is possible to keep a hand towel on the patio by the back entrance and wipe diligently on those feet in order to dry them and also wash off the mud – if you’re lucky. Several dogs see the towel as a game with the object being to keep you from grabbing their paws. There’s a answer to this problem that may be easier on the two of you and that is some snug fitting dog rain boots.

Dog boots for rain are not only water-proof but they can provide grip for when he steps from the soaked, muddy lawn upon a wooden outdoor patio or slick cement porch. Before your pet dog goes outside in the rainfall, slide on and cinch up his / her rain dog boots and steer clear of a phone call to the rug cleaner. When he’s finished, take them off and leave them at the patio for next time.

If you live in an apartment and have to brave the rain and take your dog for a walk to get to the nearest bathroom, it is possible to direct him or her clear of the mud however, not the puddles. Rain dog boots will keep their paws good and dry and help avoid that icky paw smell.

Sometimes, dog boots for rain are more for your benefit than the dogs. But rain dog boots could also guard feet from chemical compounds and bug sprays on your grass which could surface whenever it rains. An effective set of dog rain boots are made of waterproof fabric that is breathable and also long lasting. They should even have leather-based or vinyl fabric bottoms that resist abrasion from asphalt and rough cement sidewalks.

Should you be potty training a new puppy, its possible you have learned that it’s challenging to get them to go forth into the rain. This can be a great time for you to begin getting that puppy familiar with wearing dog boots for rain.  With footwear on his paws and you having an umbrella for the two of you, you may have a lot more success.