I recently visited my dogs’ veterinarian and discussed overall dog health and nutrition.  We chatted for a bit, but what really shocked me was a chart that showed exactly how many calories human food is equivalent for a dog.  This was a true eye opener.

Information provided by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, all calories calculated for a 5’4” person.

Do you know that for a 20 pound dog,

1 small oatmeal cookie …..

…..is the caloric equivalent of

1 hamburger or 1 chocolate bar  for a person?


If a 10 pound cat

ate just 1 ounce of cheddar cheese…..

…..it would be the same as

if a person ate 3 1/2 hamburgers or 4 whole chocolate bars


For a 20 pound dog

eating just 1 hotdog…..

…..is the same as a person

consuming 3 entire hamburgers

or 2 whole chocolate bars.


Just 1 potato chip

for a 10 pound cat…..

…..is the caloric equivalent

of 1/2 of a hamburger or 1/2 a chocolate bar

for a person.


Do you know that for a 10 pound cat

1 cup of milk…..