A customer of alldogboots.com recently returned a pair of boots. There was a note included with the return that stated that the dog was unable to wear the orthopedic dog boots because his Degenerative Myelopathy had deteriorated his back legs so badly that the boots could not be worn. On October 1st sweet Dillon had to be put to eternal sleep. Dillon was a beautiful, German Shepherd. You can see his photo below.

This letter absolutely broke my heart. The loss of a dog is a pain that is barely describable. Here are a few words from Louise, Dillon’s mom:

“I’m barely functioning. Dillon was my life, my joy and now my deepest pain. His DM made his last days intolerable for him. He couldn’t be a dog anymore and that was too hard to watch. This disease, DM must one day be stopped and every breeder must test their breeding stock. Unfortunately they don’t. But, in fairness to breeders, the genetic testing has not always been available. It is now.

Dilly, Dill Pickle, Dildo, names we called him, was a formidable German Shepherd in size, but that was all. His temperment was contrary to a large dog. He was a puppy in mind to the very end. His greatest joy was the frisbee. He would pass up food for a toss of the frisbee. In summer he would sit in his kiddie wading pool to cool off. It was a site to see. My heart and soul I hope one day will be whole again, but my loss is forever. All the best and thank you.”

Please take the time to share your own personal stories of how you dealt with the loss of your beloved pet.